Friday, August 21, 2009

Denver Broncos Prediction

There's not much to talk about as far as the Bulls' offseason goes, compared to next year when D-Wade jumps on the D-Rose bandwagon, and I'm getting the itch to write about why not about my first love, the Denver Broncos. I'm mainly writing this to document my opinions so I can a) test my predictions and assessment of a team and its players/coaches and b) prove that my predictions are right so my main man, Mike Uyeda can confidently pick the Tony Scheffler's of football in his fantasy football draft. I've been known to be somewhat biased in my opinions of the Bulls and Broncos, and this will put all our careless accusations to the test. Let me just say, before I get into the Broncos, that the Bulls will finish top 5 in the east this year and it disgusts me that some are questioning whether they make the playoffs. They clearly overvalued Ben Gordon, but I will get to all these things when the time is right.

I look everyday to read anything on the could be about practice, assessments, their diet, their family, their childhood...anything. And there's never enough and the commentary or breakdown of their roster is always weak and not detailed enough. How are Broncos fans supposed to feel like they're getting something they can't get at ESPN? If I watch every Broncos game and pay attention to it meticulously, wouldn't I know more than the analyst at ESPN who quickly breaks down film in segments? There's a flow to the game, there are nuances of players, the way their bodies react after 8 catches, a fatigue point in a game, momentum, resolve, that numbers and clips will never show. Not sure if the rest of your fantasy draft will be any good, but at least your Bronco knowledge will be good and better than draft gurus out there.

QB - Kyle Orton...3 interceptions on the first 3 drives. No need to panic here. It looks like his arm will be weak and will have trouble with 3rd and long situations. He is still a smart quarterback and has proven to be capable enough to win games. The Broncos will not win or lose depending on Orton's play, but rather those surrounding him.
Prediction: 3400 yds, 24 TD, 10 INT

RB - Correll Buckhalter...the guy knows what he doing. He will make many big plays for the Broncos this year, the big plays that are not easily noticed. The shift of his body for a couple extra yards on the outlet throw, the blitz pick up, the timing he releases out of the backfield, almost like the Brandon Stokely of our backfield.
Prediction: 480 yds rushing, 370 yds receiving, 3 TD
RB - Knowshown Moreno...he actually is the next Terrell Davis except Josh McDaniels won't run the classic running formations and pound the running game. He looks more like a mini Brandon Jacobs right now. From day 1 of training camp, it's clear he is a very strong runner. Injuries/holdout will lead to a slow start, but by the 4th game, he will be taking the majority of the reps in regular running situations.
Prediction: 950 yds rushing, 160 yds receiving, 5 TD

FB - Peyton Hillis...arguably the most talented fullback in the NFL, perhaps in the last decade. Peyton is a straight football player and would be successful at HB, FB, or TE. Not your sexiest back which is why he doesn't get the most carries, but he makes the most out of every opportunity. When we get in the 5yds or less zone, we should just run Peyton all day, or pass it to him. If Kyle does this, he won't be turning the ball over in the redzone no more. He runs hard, is smart, is focused, plays every play like it's his last, humble, confident...the perfect Bronco.
Prediction: (barring any injuries to top 2 HB) 280 yds rushing, 200 yds receiving, 5 TD

WR - Brandon Marshall...after having character issues out of college, Brandon Marshall realized he was a beast in the NFL and had the ability to dominate at this level. Somewhere he realized that he had to control his anger and issues in order to be a Bronco and a pro. Rod Smith was his mentor, Shanahan had faith in him, and he flourished. But like my girlfriend says, people don't change. She's always skeptical about those who go from extreme to extreme, gangbangers to pastors, straight to gays (she never said this, I just threw this in here), fat to skinny...she thinks they will all go back to their original sin...self. Brandon Marshall is making her look right. If he hasn't figured it out by now (he's gotten like 10 chances), he's not gonna get it. And I thought OJ got away with the most obvious crime years ago, but Brandon Marshall just outdid him with being not guilty on domestic violence or whatever he was up against. He clearly beat the shit out of Watley, but because she was crazy ass girl, the jury said let him go. I've accepted it, now you need to accept it. Do not draft Brandon Marshall like I did in the 3rd round. He is not going to be involved. The Patriots of the west do not have space for babies like 15 or 6. 6 is gone, and 15 will be gone shortly. It's like negotiating with give in once, you'll have end. Even if Josh and the team want him back, they can't just out of principle. He'll be the next Javon Walker, the next TO, the next David Boston (not sure if he was an asshole, but he looked really strong and I imagine he probably beat up a couple ho's back then and now)...B Marsh clearly has the most physical ability in the NFL combo of hands, strength, length, speed, agility...easily best YAC ability for a receiver.
Prediction: (if he plays 16 games with a team) 65 receptions, 720 yds, 5 TD
Prediction '10-11: 110 receptions, 1500 yds, 12 TD
Eddie Royal...ahh, the new number one receiver, humble, Bronco for life, smooth in running routes, disciplined, great hands, no moment too big for him, YAC ability, stronger than last year, nice traps, versatile. If he had 97 receptions as a rookie, scary for what he'll do this year. Denver's Patriot offense is based on quick throws, quick reads, and efficiency. The pass is often the run as well. Figure Eddie will multiple double digit reception games, so if your league values receptions at all, he is 1 round upgraded already. How many other receivers in the NFL will produce like Eddie is week in and week out? Respectful, hard working, confident, lining up in slots for mismatches...take him 5th round at the latest.
Prediction: 115 receptions, 1250 yards, 7 TD

TE: don't even bother looking this way with Denver this year...Tony Scheffler, waste of talent in this him and BMarsh and get something decent and a couple picks in return.

OL: Madden NFL 2010 is ridiculous. How do you have Chris Kuper and Ryan Harris under an 80 rating? don't they realize this line gave up the fewest sacks in the league last year? Ryan Harris gave up less than 5 sack all year and he's a 78 rated tackle? Ben Hamilton in the low 80's? That's just silly...this line will still get it done, especially with the quick passing scheme, and still make our running attack effective. I guarantee that Cutler gets sacked more than Orton this year. Casey, Clady, Harris, Hamilton all deserve Pro Bowl spots. But they won't get it, because they're too light...and white...except Clady.

DL: Weak. I still think Marcus Thomas should be our starting defensive end and I have no answer as to why he is not getting more reps with the ones. Ronald Fields is not the answer at nose tackle and we need to go get one who is fatter, meaner, and cockier than fields. They will be the cause of our weak run defense, but they'll do just enough to free up our edge linebackers to get some sacks in the pass rush.

LB: DJ Williams will be a tackling beast again this year. Dumervil looks like he'll be fine on the edge and the guy is just a football player. I'd be shocked if he isn't close to 10 sacks this year. Andre Davis will be solid as well, but still we are lacking that one All World linebacker that can intimidate and take over games defensively (Urlacher, Willis, Ray Lewis, Merriman, any Steeler linebacker)

CB: Champ Bailey...he was and is still the best corner in this league. Asoumghua is amazing, but still not Champ Bailey amazing. Champ is the best all around cornerback since Rod Woodson and is healthy this year. What's great is that he will have Andre Goodman opposite of him and Alphonso Smith at nickel. This will be the best 1,2,3 CB in the league this year.

S: Brian Dawkins...Weapon X, the guy is crazy, focused, awareness 99, and an emotional leader and the heart and soul of this defense from the day he stepped off the airplane in Denver. He'll be going to the Pro Bowl with Champ and already the defense is ten times better than last year's scrubs we played back there (Marquand Manuel?). Renaldo Hill was part of a great Miami defense last year with Goodman, so this secondary is going to be just fine.

K: Matt Prater...he'll still boom 50 yarders all day, but his accuracy sucks and is not a pressure player. With that being said, he'll improve on last year's accuracy and be much more reliable down the stretch to finish off a decent year. 28 FGM/35 FGA

I could have broken this down so much more, but I think Brandon Marshall took too much out of me. Also, I have to take him off my desktop wallpaper...I put him there after hearing "not guilty" but now must take him off as he is guilty of being a little bitch.

Broncos: win the AFC West 9-7 record
Knowshown: AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year
Raiders suck.